August 4th, 2013


My name is Demetria, and I love to sew and create. Over the years I have used my sewing skills to make many things for many people. But my most meaningful and creation was a blanket I made for my dying daughter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am the owner and creator of Pillows from Heaven – This is the perfect name for my business because everything connected to Pillows from Heaven has been divine intervention, indeed. For example, the idea for my business sprang from a very difficult situation – a situation that only God could have fixed. And let me tell you, He turned everything around for the better.  Good and beautiful things have flourished.


It was April 2001 when my older daughter Donielle was hospitalized for 32 days. She suffers from the incurable disease Lupus and she was having a deadly flare up. One day as I was sitting in her hospital room watching as she suffered, a beautiful vision came to me. It was a vision of a blanket. “A blanket?”…  It made absolutely no sense to me. But as I thought about this vision, a sense of peaceful calm came over me, and I instinctively knew I was being guided. God had blessed me with the talent of sewing and I knew that I was to use my sewing skills to make my daughter a blanket. Not just any old blanket – this blanket would have to have spiritual significance and it would have to reflect Donielle’s bubbly personality as well. Although this blanket would be made for the sole purpose of comforting my daughter, it would also have a remarkable affect on my life.

Demetria-and-Donielle   Demetria-and-Donielle-3

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