PRIVACY POLICY knows that our customer’s privacy is both an important and sensitive subject. As such, safeguarding your privacy has always been, and continues to be, one of our highest priorities, whether the information is gathered in person, over the telephone, through our facsimile machines or via our web site. We have never shared your personal information with third parties, and have no plans to do so, except (1) if you request it, (2) to complete a transaction initiated by you (which may sometimes include disclosure to a credit card bureau), or (3) if we are required or allowed by the law, such as to respond to a subpoena or to investigate fraudulent activity. To further protect your confidentiality, we require any organizations to which we provide data to have similar privacy safeguards and contractually only allow them to use our customers information for the intended service. If, in the future, we ever decide that it would be in your interest to share your personal information for any other purpose, you will be informed in advance to be given the opportunity to opt out. The only personal information we have is what you have voluntarily provided to us (e.g., name, address, etc.) or have obtained in the course of processing an application/request from you (credit report history, payment history, financial assets, etc.). While we do not share your information, we may use it to help us better understand your needs so we can improve our products and services. Our standards also apply to the confidentiality of visitors to our website. While we may gather non-specific information such as the date & time our site was visited and the browser used, we do not collect specific information about you in this way. We also utilize browser cookies which do not store any personal information about you and expire when the session ends (browser is closed). If you voluntary send us information, by e-mail, by facsimile or by completing one of our online registration forms, we will retain the information so that we may respond to your request.

At, we have taken all practical security measures to ensure that your information is protected. Each of our employees is obliged to respect the privacy of our customers and visitors and the confidentiality of their personal data. We restrict employee access to your information to a need to know basis, strive to maintain the accuracy of your information, and strictly enforce procedures that prevent unauthorized access. reserves the rights to amend this privacy statement at anytime. If you have any concerns about this privacy statement, or with privacy practices, please e-mail us.

We can also be reached by telephone Toll Free: 855-221-4121 or Direct: 213-864-4396 from 9am to 5pm EST.